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Doing what I enjoy doing!

This site also contains several of my songs; my tripod page is nearly full

BOKA=Be OK Anyway!

You can listen to some of my songs here. I just bought a brand new, Tascam 24 track digital recorder, so I'm hoping to get several new ones up soon.

The Man in Black (who walked the line) is a tribute to the late Johnny Cash.

Fear of Flyng Fat is satire on the airlines' policy of charging for 2 seats if your fanny is (in their estimation) too large!

Think Again is another satire(I have a couple cds of nothing but that), this one about a rather typical country theme re comings & goings--it has little to do with thinking..

I wrote I & Thou as a wedding present for two good friends who were tying the knot

Heavenly Love was written for a beautiful angel who spent much too little time on earth.

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